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A Robo Western A Robo Western

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Would you like some Steak with that Sauce?

Ah yes, the age old metaphor: In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is randomly handed a BFG to unceremoniously defeat the bad guy. Sho'nough, it done looked real perrty and all, but I suggest investing in a story next time.

Perform Perform

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Even better on Mute!

It's especially entertaining if you view this page's comments as part of this 'piece;' Her commentators, members of that faceless sea. Each sharing the same group think. Each feeling it necessary to expound on the obvious; fueling their egos under the subtle delusion that they have something significant to add, some greater insight or unique perspective... Even as their own words expose the fraud of single-mindedness and cultural allegiance sworn to this modern market zeitgeist of self-adoration.

His days spent text-messaging shallow, abbreviated thoughts to shallow, abbreviated acquaintances - all the while absolutely confident in his perfect uniqueness: his incredibly unreproducible individuality.

What strange beast this: Capable of believing that he is somehow standing out, even as he desperately struggles to find and follow the patterns set by the corporate conglomerates, international bankers, and Telecoms he calls god. He downloads another ringtone and sets his eyes on that new car or TV or computer he wants; She buys another pair of skin-tight jeans, shoes, and a belly-shirt... and everyone in the world imagines it must be everyone else the advertisers are getting to. Must be the neighbors who are follow the trends... because, "if I'm found following them, well, I'm not really. I just happen to like these things! And it's not because I've allowed my world view to be shaped and crafted by too much Ruport Murdoch sponsored television and too much Clear Channel censored radio. No... No. I'm above it, even if it may appear that I'm smack dab in the middle of it. Even if it looks like I'm the cause!!! Really! I'm telling you: Of all people - I'm unique!"

george man 11 george man 11

Rated 4 / 5 stars

A long time GMan Follower

I haven't really poked around NG for some time now, but I ended up scanning my old reviews tonight which led me to this (now very old) latest George Man installation.

First some comments: It's been a while since I've watched the series but I don't remember George Man being this obscenely violent. Not that I have anything against violence necessarily - it just didn't sit well with me here.

The suddenly angst filled content of everything is seriously off-putting. Part of what I originally enjoyed in GM was it's sometimes campy nature. Oh for the happy-go-lucky days of George Man's youth; But I digress.

Animation was very nice, timing was overall good, and I did quite enjoy the slow motion bullet build-up; if only for the teasingly funny result.

That said... What happened man?! Why no GM eps. for two years? I know how it goes, you get bored with it, you 'grow up' and get a 'real' life. But damnit man! You developed some excellent flash skills here. The motion and fluidity of even the characters eyes in this last installment speaks to that. How can you walk away?

Don't leave me hangin' here. Get out the tablet (or just grab the mouse) and show me the old care-free George Man I know and love. I'll accept nothing less!

Ya' bitch. ;)

-The Escape- -The Escape-

Rated 5 / 5 stars


I wouldn't post here because I've already made my amazement and wonder at this beautiful piece of high quality animation known elsewhere but...

What horrible reviewers you have here. It's enough to drive me into the streets screaming, leaving chunks of hair and bloodied scalp ripped from my head in fury littering the sidewalks.

One of these reviewers goes as far as to condemn you for using the same title he used in a flash submission - as if any of us were harboring under the delusion that "The Escape" was going to win 'Best Creative Title in Animation' at one of Robert Redford's forthcoming gatherings.

Another suggests humorously that your characters are flawed due to the lack of eyeballs. Another criticizes the backgrounds and the "poor" 3d. Yet another with snide remarks concerning his percieved audio want of vocals and explosion sounds to synchronize with what's on screen.

Apparently none of these reviewers have any concept of style; of character design; of artistic merit.

I say this only that you will dismiss the lesser of these poorly formed critiques:

If these represent the want's of the public... Fuck the public.

Black Ops: Virus Black Ops: Virus

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Aeon Flux? ...nuh-uh....

At time of post this short is featured on the front page with the description "Aeon Flux style action film..."

Sorry to say, I really don't see the comparison. Besides the lack of any graphic similarities to Peter Chung's artwork, the plot certainly doesn't near the style of Aeon Flux's biting hero-villian-hero style. Perhaps Tom (or whoever wrote the caption) was referring to the simplified plot line of a spy-on-mission short.

That said, just because it's not like Aeon Flux doesn't mean a damn thing when it comes to quality. The use of tweens was excellent and stylish. I also really enjoyed the high speed style -- especially where bullets and bullet holes are involved.

One thing that I didn't like much was the choice of color. The soft greyish midtones of everything took away from graphic definition. I would suggest the artist try for a higher contrast color scheme next time in an effort to more thoroughly entertain the eye. Something as simple as the addition of more hard blacks could make a piece like this pop a bit more.

Other then that - very nice short. Now pick some charecters and a plot you'd like to explore and go buck! ;)

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What if Hitler Lived? What if Hitler Lived?

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Craziness and Red Shirts

I never would have recognized the author of this piece had he not at some point bought that red t-shirt with the razor-wire tatoo sleeves and decided he and his talking pets should battle muppets.

Nice to see another piece by the crazy tweener Pinnicle.

NGBG: Grime vs Sqeezy NGBG: Grime vs Sqeezy

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Nicities abound.

The Grime definately had the better animator and much fbf rockage to his aid. Sqeezy, while his only sidekick was some average+1 tweening and a few moments of fbf-1, came out suprisingly well.

In the divisions Grime takes the awards for artistry, timing, and animation. Sqeezy picks up the metals for content creativity, humor, and musical integration.

Highlights of this battle include the wonderful animation as Grime carefully removes Sqeezy's head for proper disposal in the wastebin. Also noteworthy; the use of a small percusive monkey as a diversionary tactic and, of coarse, Sqeezy's more honorable K.O. of his opponent.

Each of them warriors to the last, in a competition of animation the overall victory falls to our janitorial savior, The Grime.

One must wonder, however, the collective might and force of the two as allies. These one-time rivals able to join forces, combining their collective skills of fluid animation and inventive story telling, would surely over power the armies of the world forcing any and all peace keeping agencies to their knees.

Luckily for NATO the rivalries betwix these twain run deep indeed.

Wrapping it up for this edition of the BBC's World News Report, from Pakistan, I'm Rott Manshire.

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Our Lives - "Take One" Our Lives - "Take One"

Rated 3 / 5 stars

One thing to bind them all...

Oddly - though there appears no specific theme set for this colaborative work it seemed like the unintentionally common veign here was pretention and self glorification.

Aside from J_smooth's submission(which itself was kind of weak despite the architecture work for the opening stills) each of these submissions has at least a little 'ego gone running' in it. Rock stars and neo-nazi's - not that either of those are specifically bad ;) I'm only criticizing the need to put these things out for all to view; the need to be recognized for them; the desperate search for attention.

To seperate one from the mix - Dawg's work was the best. Nice insanity, great fbf style, I just wish you would've avoided the whole: "hate," "evil," "death," "grrr," thing. It's a transparent seeking of kewl points for being a dark, sinister, or brooding soul. (Cast off thine image and let be)
Anyway, if you let the darkness within set the tone and background of your work instead of bringing it to the forefront you'll produce much better pieces.

Valient effort by all. Keep turning them out.
Suggestion for all: Be more obtuse.

J-Smooth responds:

Dawg gives his thanks.

george man 10 george man 10

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Still going?!?

I had no idea you were still turning out George Man episodes. I love this series... Don't get me wrong, I could go on for 15 minutes about the flaws... but I can't get enough of this series.

It's so tongue-in-cheek with the humor -- It's great. I'm mezmorized by the authors complete lack of coherity when it comes to animating this. FBF'ing one action and then doing some awful tweening on the next only to do some excellent tweening in the following scene. I love it. It's like the creativity is being pushed, shoved, and beaten out however it'll go through the door. Whatever ends up on the otherside goes to print.

(It almost sounds like I'm criticizing... Honestly, I love this series - keep up with it)

george-kelly-johnson responds:

wow, thanks for being a fan... prolly one of the few that i have ;)

well get ready for more different stuff, cuz in episode 11 i redid all the characters... again... lmao

Knock Knock Knock Knock

Rated 5 / 5 stars


I'm sitting here cringing and laughing and cringing some more. You've disgusted and entertained me beyond belief you sick, sick bastard.